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T ekcom Solutions was built on the principal that all services and products should be held to a higher standard. We beleive that when you shop with Tekcom Solutions, you are leaving happy and satisifed with your purchase. We do not what to disappoint, you our valued customers. There are many things that we are capable of doing, we honestly do aim to please our valued customers.

E ven though we are a local company and we come from many different backgrounds, we are all a huge family. We will not treat you as strangers, we want to learn about you and give you a company that you will be able to come back to and refer your friends and family to us. We are able to travel to many different locations and be there where ever you need us to be!

K indness is very vital to us, every employee and member of the team will always be friendly and courteous to our customers. Should you ever feel mis-treated, please inform a member of the management and we will deal with the issue as soon as possible.

Cell Phone services are a huge part of the way we work and continue to help out everyone, we believe that EVERYONE should have a cell phone, and should you not be able to afford a high end device, we can help come up with solution to help you out. We will not pressure you to buy a cell phone or sign up with us, but we want to make sure you hear all options we have on the table. We can make deals and bundles on accessories, phones and more but we do not want you to leave with buyers remorse.

O pportunities in advancement are a key part of our company. We want every employee we have to feel welcomed and invited, and strive to have the employees grow with the company and move up in the company as we grow and expand. We want to mentor and expand the mind to new levels of thinking to help everyone out.

M any of services that we offer we can be negotiated within reason. But there are many things that we cannot negotiate, like cell phone plan prices. We do not want to have any hard feelings, but we cannot do that as it is set by the provider. We can however make the buying and selling of your next cell phone or electronic device a very pleasant expierence. Come see us today and let's see how we help you out!


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