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While i was gone...

Posted on 20th Jun 2017

So i was on vacation for 7 days, it was amazing.  My Fiance and I went on a cruise, and we went to Ocho Rios (Jamaica), Grand Caymen, and Cozumel!  I just so happen to propose to my GF on the cruise and she said YES!! I was so happy!  We spent a lot of time really connecting with each other after a long year of working and kids, this time was just for us to get away for a while.  I will highly recommend going there and seeing the sites.  We went on Carnival Cruise Lines and the Ships name was Vista.  


We had the most amazing time and met a lot of great people.  If anyone would like more information on what we say, needs advice, or anything of the sort, contact me and I can assist with any questions or concerns!